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Tennis Court Repair

Tennis Court Repair

When tennis courts are newly installed, sand is added to provide texture to the surface. Over time, this surface gradually wears away, necessitating resurfacing. Sport Build Supply has specialized in tennis and sports court resurfacing and repair over the years, proudly leading the industry in Florida for hard court repairs and resurfacing. Our dedication to providing high-quality sport court surfaces ensures years of enjoyment. Whether you need a new sport surface or expert renovation for an existing court, our mission is to deliver durable, safe, and quality courts that can be used for years to come. We service, build, design, and renovate all types of outdoor sports surfaces.

Regardless of usage, tennis courts typically need repairs every 4-5 years to prevent permanent damage and deterioration.

Top Causes of Court Deterioration

  • UV radiation
  • Ground movement
  • Depressions

Signs Your Court Needs Repairs

  • The surface is starting to crack or existing cracks have grown larger.
  • The surface has become conducive to mold and mildew.
  • Water pools and remains for a while.
  • Players complain about the playing surface.
  • The color has faded.
  • The surface is bubbling.

Our Tennis Court Repair Services

Tennis court repair is best handled by a qualified contractor like Sport Build Supply. Crack repair, leveling, and resurfacing require specialized skills not commonly found in traditional painting companies. As expert tennis court contractors, we are trained to evaluate court problems and use the best industry-proven repair methods to achieve outstanding results.

The average cost to resurface a tennis court in Florida ranges from $4000 to $8000. Extensive mold, moss, or cracks that need repair can increase costs. Asphalt courts may develop low areas, creating puddles known as birdbaths. We use a patching mix to level these areas, ensuring proper drainage and mitigating standing water.

Ready to get started with your repair project? Contact Sport Build Supply today! Have a question or need an estimate? Share the details of your project, and we’ll schedule a visit to provide an estimated quote and timeline for the required work.