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Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

At Sport Build Supply, we understand that maintaining your tennis court is essential. Fortunately, acrylic hard-court surfaces require minimal time and effort to keep in top shape. If your court was built according to the standard guidelines, the natural slope and weather conditions will help minimize debris and water accumulation. Let us help you address these key maintenance concerns to ensure your court provides many years of enjoyment.

Cleaning your tennis court surface once a month is a good practice. At Sport Build Supply, we provide the necessary tools and equipment, such as blowers and brooms, to keep your court free of organic debris like leaves and pine needles. Regular cleaning prevents stains and friction that can lead to premature wear of the court coatings.

For courts under heavy shade or neglected, mold and mildew can become issues. Sport Build Supply offers cleaning solutions and guidance on using a water and bleach mixture to effectively eliminate these organisms.

At Sport Build Supply we offer low-PSI pressure washing services to avoid damaging the color coatings. Our recommended cleaning solution, soft brush, and moderate pressure for rinsing usually suffice.

Tennis Court Surface Maintenance Tips

We recommend the following measures to prevent surface damage, commonly seen at schools and parks:

Use only non-marking tennis shoes

No bikes, skateboards, or roller skates on the surface

No chewing gum, food, or non-water drinks

Sport Build Supply provides signage to remind users of these rules and protect your court surface.

Drainage & Positive Water Flow: Water can be one of the most damaging elements for tennis courts. Sport Build Supply can regularly check and maintain your perimeter drains to ensure they are clear of vegetation and debris. We also manage the grass and vegetation around the court’s edge to prevent dams that block water flow. Our services include applying safe chemicals, weed killers, and fertilizers that won’t damage the court surface.

Tennis Court Maintenance, Repair & Resurfacing: Regular professional maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your court. Sport Build Supply offers comprehensive maintenance services, including crack repair, low spot removal, and resurfacing. Our expert contractors ensure that your asphalt or concrete base remains in top condition, providing you with a durable and high-performing tennis court.

Contact Sport Build Supply today to learn more about our tennis court maintenance services and how we can help keep your court in perfect playing condition.