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Tennis Court Lighting

Tennis Court Lighting Services: Enhancing Your Playing Experience

Uncomfortable temperatures or poor lighting conditions can significantly impact your enjoyment and use of a tennis court. Imagine eagerly awaiting a game only to find that the lack of adequate lighting limits your playing time, or worse, affects your performance. At Sport Build Supply, we understand the importance of optimal lighting for outdoor courts. That’s why we offer comprehensive lighting solutions designed to extend your playing hours and enhance your overall experience on the court.

Custom Lighting Solutions for Outdoor Courts


Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or renovating an existing tennis court, selecting the right lighting system is crucial. Our years of experience have led us to offer only the most player-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective lighting solutions. We understand that lighting systems should not only meet technical requirements but also blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment and minimize disruptions for neighbours.

Our Range Of Lighting Solutions Includes:

Photometric Designs: Our lighting systems are meticulously designed to ensure optimal distribution and intensity of light across the court surface, enhancing visibility and minimizing shadows.

Low-Level Systems: With mounting heights of 22 inches or less, our low-level lighting systems provide uniform illumination without causing glare or discomfort for players.

Sharp Cutoffs: Our lighting fixtures are engineered with sharp cutoffs to minimize light spillage and glare, ensuring a distraction-free playing experience.

Minimal Light Pollution: We prioritize environmentally conscious designs that minimize light pollution, preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

1,000 Watt Metal Halide Lamps: Our high-quality metal halide lamps deliver superior brightness and color rendering, enhancing visibility and contrast on the court.

Multiple Color Choices: Choose from a range of color temperatures to create the perfect ambiance for your tennis court, catering to both aesthetic preferences and performance requirements.

LED Lighting Systems: Embrace energy-efficient LED lighting technology for your tennis court, enjoying long-lasting performance and significant energy savings.

Natural-Looking Light: Our lighting systems are designed to replicate natural daylight, providing players with optimal visibility and comfort during evening games.

Minimal Site Disturbance: We prioritize minimal site disturbance during installation, ensuring that your tennis court remains functional and accessible throughout the lighting upgrade process.

Enhancing Your Playing Experience With LED Lighting

Whether you’re playing tennis, pickleball, basketball, or other court sports, having access to high-quality lighting is essential for optimal performance and safety. LED lighting technology has revolutionized court illumination, offering superior energy efficiency, longevity, and lighting quality compared to traditional lighting sources.

At Sport Build Supply, we specialize in providing LED lighting solutions customized to the unique needs of tennis courts and other sports facilities. Our LED lighting systems deliver bright, uniform illumination across the entire playing surface, enhancing visibility and reducing eyestrain for players. With customizable color temperatures and advanced control options, you can create the perfect lighting environment for your court, whether for recreational play or competitive matches.

Embracing Environmental Responsibility

Presently, environmental sustainability is a growing concern for both municipalities and private tennis clubs. By investing in energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, tennis facilities can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying long-term cost savings. LED lights consume less energy, produce minimal heat, and require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional lighting sources, making them an environmentally responsible choice for court illumination.


Upgrade your tennis court lighting with Sport Build Supply’s advanced LED lighting solutions and elevate your playing experience to new heights. With our comprehensive range of lighting options, expert installation services, and commitment to environmental sustainability, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect lighting environment for your outdoor courts. Experience the difference of superior lighting technology and unlock the full potential of your tennis court today.