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Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

Is your shuffleboard court in need of resurfacing? If so, Sport Build Supply has skilled technicians ready to restore them to their original condition, both in appearance and playability. Shuffleboard court resurfacing remains a crucial aspect for many clubs, communities, and individuals seeking leisurely activities. Despite some courts being over 30 years old, they often require minimal maintenance to bring them back to optimal playing conditions.

Our Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing Process

There are primarily two prevalent methods for resurfacing shuffleboard courts. Both involve prepping the surface by sanding or pressure washing, filling cracks, and addressing areas prone to water retention. Following this, coats of colour are applied using different techniques.

The most popular method involves incorporating tiny glass beads into the paint, facilitating smooth disc gliding. Alternatively, outdoor paint can be used, requiring loose glass beads for smooth gameplay. Care must be taken to avoid walking on courts treated with loose glass beads, as they can become slippery and pose injury risks.

While both methods have their merits, incorporating glass beads into the paint mixture is preferred by most clubs and communities. This results in a textured, slip-resistant surface that offers excellent playability.

Generally, shuffleboard courts should be resurfaced every 4-6 years, depending on usage levels. Sport Build Supply offers complimentary evaluations to assess the condition of your courts and provide cost estimates for resurfacing single or multiple courts.

Benefits of Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

Court resurfacing is a crucial element in maintaining the life of your court. With sport build supply’s court resurfacing services in Tampa and Sarasota, be assured about the improved functional.