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Pickleball Court Lighting

Pickleball Court Lighting Services by Sport Build Supply

Pickleball, a blend of table tennis, badminton, and tennis, has seen a surge in popularity. Ensuring well-lit courts is crucial for optimal play, and Sport Build Supply, a Florida-based company, offers top-tier pickleball court lighting services to address all your lighting needs. Sport Build Supply ensures adherence to Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) guidelines, meeting the minimum average illuminance of 30 foot-candles (fc) with uniformity ratios of 0.7 or better. This ensures even lighting and minimizes shadows, providing a consistent playing experience.

Our Pickleball Lighting Services


Customized Lighting Layouts: Our experts design lighting layouts for standard courts, which are 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, ensuring proper illumination across the entire playing surface, including the non-volley zones (NVZ). Fixtures are strategically positioned to ensure uniform lighting and optimal visibility.

High-Quality LED Fixtures: Choosing the right fixtures is crucial, and Sport Build Supply uses top-quality LED fixtures for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and superior lighting quality. Our LEDs provide bright, concentrated illumination with minimal light leakage and customizable dimming options. These fixtures consume less electricity than traditional lighting, significantly reducing operating costs and environmental impact. While the upfront cost of LEDs may be higher, Sport Build Supply ensures long-term savings and benefits.

Advanced Controls and Automation: We integrate advanced lighting controls and automation systems for convenience and efficiency. Our solutions include remote control capabilities and motion sensors to manage light levels and conserve energy. Additionally, Sport Build Supply provides durable, low-maintenance LED fixtures that withstand outdoor conditions, including impact, vibration, moisture, and dust. We establish regular maintenance schedules to ensure continued performance and longevity.

Reducing Glare and Enhancing Visibility: Our lighting designs minimize glare and shadows, enhancing visibility and comfort on the court. Sport Build Supply offers a variety of customization options, including color rendering index, color temperature, photocells, dimming, surge protectors, backlight shields, and bird spikes, ensuring a fully tailored lighting solution for your pickleball court.

Enhance Your Pickleball Experience: Effective lighting is crucial for enhancing the pickleball playing experience, ensuring visibility, safety, and extended play hours. Sport Build Supply addresses all these concerns with professional, customized lighting solutions. Contact Sport Build Supply to elevate your pickleball court and enjoy a superior playing experience today.