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Bocceball Court Lighting

Bocce Ball Court Lighting Services

Bocce ball, with its origins tracing back to ancient Egypt and Italy, has grown into a beloved pastime worldwide. Modern bocce matches often extend into the evening, necessitating effective lighting solutions. Sport Build Supply, a Florida-based company, offers comprehensive bocce ball court lighting services customized to various court sizes and levels of play.

Factors To Consider For Bocce Court Lightening?


Understand Lighting Requirements: We understand, Bocce courts vary in size, from competition-level courts (13′ x 90′) to backyard courts (10′-12′ wide and 12′-70′ long). Proper lighting ensures consistent visibility and an enjoyable playing experience. We design lighting systems to maintain at least 11 footcandles evenly across any court, using high-quality modular sports luminaires.

Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures: We utilize energy-efficient LED fixtures for bocce courts. These fixtures are favored for their high efficacy, long lifespan, and ability to provide bright, consistent lighting. LED lights not only reduce operating costs but also minimize environmental impact. Options for customizable light distribution ensure optimal illumination across the court.

Determine Mounting Heights and Pole Solutions: Fixtures must be mounted at appropriate heights to ensure uniform illumination and minimize shadows. Sport Build Supply offers a range of pole options:

DIY Pole Packages: Cost-effective, weatherproof wooden poles ideal for backyard bocce courts.

Traditional Steel Poles: Sturdy 11-gauge square poles finished in architectural bronze, perfect for country clubs and competition-level courts. Available in heights of 16′ or 20′.

Implement Energy-Saving LED Technology:  All our bocce ball lighting packages include APTA sports lighters, known for their modular design and durability. APTA fixtures are L70 rated at over 200,000 hours and come with an IP67 rating, ensuring they withstand harsh weather conditions. Lower footcandle options use APTA 120s, while higher options and two-court packages use APTA 280s.

Optimize Lighting Zones and Angles: Strategic lighting zones enhance visibility in critical areas, such as the target zone and court edges. By optimizing fixture angles, we ensure minimal shadows and glare, providing players with a clear view of the playing area. This approach supports accuracy and enhances the overall bocce experience.

Customize Your Lighting Setup: Our lighting packages offer various customization options, including:

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and Colour Temperature: Choose the best lighting quality for your needs.

Optional Photocell and Dimming: Automatic lighting adjustments based on natural light and the ability to dim lights for different settings.

Speak to a Lighting Specialist

Sport Build Supply is dedicated to providing top-tier bocce ball court lighting solutions. Our specialists are ready to assist with any questions or custom lighting needs. Contact us for expert guidance on your bocce ball court lighting project. Enhance your court with Sport Build Supply’s professional lighting services today