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  • +1-813-296-0354 | +1-813-484-2308
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Basketball Court Resurfacing

Basketball Court Resurfacing

Based in Florida, Sport Build Supply is a renowned expert in basketball court resurfacing. With over years of experience, we specialize in transforming courts for apartment complexes, resorts, schools, parks, and community centers into top-tier play areas. Our focus on quality and understanding of precision ensures that every court we resurface meets the highest standards of performance and aesthetics without compromising our clients’ tastes and preferences.

Our Comprehensive Resurfacing Process

Court Cleaning: We start with a thorough cleaning and power washing process, carefully removing dirt, mold, and mildew. This clean surface serves as the perfect foundation for the subsequent steps in the resurfacing process.

Masterful Crack Repairs: Cracks and damages are not just unsightly; they affect the game’s quality. We use top-grade repair materials to skillfully seal cracks and fill depressions. Our experienced team brings unparalleled expertise to this crucial procedure, ensuring a smooth and even playing surface.

Artistic Line and Logo Painting: Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. We apply fresh paint to court lines, logos, and graphics with an artistic touch. Using a variety of paint hues and innovative techniques, we create logos and designs that reflect the unique identity of your court’s location.

Stripping Off the Past: Over time, courts accumulate old paint and finishes. Our professionals excel in stripping away these outdated layers, ensuring the new materials adhere properly and last longer. This step is vital for the longevity and performance of your court.

Adding Texture for Traction: Performance is paramount on the basketball court. We add texture to the surface to improve players’ traction, ensuring a safer and more competitive game. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the playing experience.

Customized Coloring: Different venues have different vibes, and a basketball court should reflect that. We offer custom color coatings to make your court truly stand out. From vibrant hues to subdued shades, our options are nearly limitless.

Modern Resurfacing Materials: For the final layer, we typically use a specialized formula similar to acrylic latex paint, applied with a professional broom finish for both visual appeal and longevity. Additionally, you can choose from state-of-the-art materials like acrylic or rubberized coatings.

With a rich experience and a passion for excellence, Sport Build Supply is dedicated to providing superior basketball court resurfacing services. Our meticulous process, from cleaning to final coating, ensures that your court not only looks fantastic but also performs at the highest level. Trust our skilled team to deliver a court that offers both aesthetic appeal and exceptional playability, personalized to meet your unique needs. Choose Sport Build Supply for a high performing basketball court resurfacing and make your game experience even more thrilling.