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Basketball Court Lighting

Expert Basketball Court Lighting Services

At Sport Build Supply, a Florida-based company, we understand the importance of proper lighting for outdoor basketball courts. Proper lighting enhances visibility, safety, and overall game experience, allowing games to be played effectively in various weather conditions. Here’s how we design efficient outdoor basketball court lighting systems.

Key Elements of Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

Understand Lighting Requirements: We consider court size, usage, and game type. Recommended foot-candle (fc) values are 50-75 fc for recreational play and 75-200 fc for competitive play, ensuring optimal visibility and performance.

Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures: We use energy-efficient LED fixtures known for their high efficacy, long lifespan, and bright, consistent lighting. LED lights also offer customizable light distribution for optimal light spread across the court.

Determine Mounting Heights and Fixture Layout: Fixtures are mounted at heights (20-40 feet) that minimize glare and shadows, ensuring uniform illumination. We strategically place fixtures to eliminate shadows and ensure even lighting across the court.

Implement Lighting Zones and Optimize Angles: Different zones (key, three-point line, basket) may need higher lighting levels for optimal visibility. Fixtures are aimed to minimize shadows and glare, enhancing players’ accuracy and performance.

Incorporate Controls and Dimming: Advanced controls and dimming systems allow for adjusting lighting levels based on game needs and time of day, offering energy savings. These controls enhance energy efficiency and extend fixture lifespan.

Address Glare, Light Pollution, and Environmental Impact: We use shielded fixtures to reduce glare and prevent light spillage into neighboring areas. Our energy-efficient solutions and exploration of renewable energy sources like solar panels reduce operational costs and environmental impact. We also adhere to guidelines from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) to ensure safety, performance, and energy efficiency.


Sport Build Supply offers expert outdoor basketball court lighting services to enhance your playing experience. Our advanced LED solutions and commitment to sustainability make us the go-to choice for basketball court lighting in Tampa, FL. Illuminate your court with Sport Build Supply’s professional lighting services today.